Boat Management

Management program for charter

The dream of owning a boat is often followed by nightmare of costs (berths, insurance, repairs, maintenance,…

Once the cost are calculated, the dream often disappears before beggining, but we have a solution to this problem

Being an owner can be a great option if you have a charter company to trust your boat. You can navigate when you want as well as obtain numerous advantages in anual maintenance, mooring, official replenishmets as well as an anual economic benefit that will allow you to forget your expenses and just enjoy it.

Responsabilities assumed by the owner of the vessel:

  • 100% labor and replacement costs.
  • % insurance cost.
  • % of mooring cost.

Responsabilities of the charter company during the chárter:

  • 100%
  • Customer service and technical assistance.
  • Reservation management, promotion and marketing.
  • Quarterly settlement with the owner.
  • % mooring expenses.
  • % insurance cost.
  • Management of the oficial documentation of the ship.

The Balearic Islands, one of the best nautical destinations, and for the colour and quality of its waters,  for its light and calm, gathering in its ports the best professionals of recreational boating and offering a quality tourism.

Our boats have a privileged location in the Port Pollensa, where you can enjoy the best views, coves and restaurants in the North of Mallorca, in a marina specialized in nautical charter. In this way our clients have the possibility to combine nautical  with rural tourism, having all the comforts for their embarkation.

The season in Mallorca is long (April until October) and the Port Pollensa is highly recognized and accesible from any point of the island.

The conditions may vary depending on the boat to be managed.

Contact us to carry out a study according to your boat.