Fishing trip lasting 9 hours, is practiced in the most remote áreas where there are concentrations of fish, especially tuna. For captures of large specimens, the modalities that will be practiced  are Brumeo, Deep Sea Trolling or Big Game.

The Deep Sea Trolling  is one of the more sportiest fishing that exists due to the exercise that must be developed during the fight against our opponent. Large opponents are looked for, undestanding as such fish of from the ten kilos of weight onwards.  The catches of this modality can mainly be: Tuna ,albacore, tunicates, dorados and swordfish.

This fishing requires well-equipped vessels, we carry at least six trolling equipment of depth with rods and fifty-pound reels. In addition,  for a roper fishing, we have mounted poles that seperated the lines that allow fishing with more rods and also lift the lures to navigate on the surface. A fighting chair will also be essential. We can use either artificial or natural lure depending on what species we want to tempt. The artificial fish lures with bib are used to catch tuna and albacore. However, we will use rafia or artificial octopuses for the Golden or the swordfish.

The speed, for the big predators we cruise ata a minimun of 8 knots wich allows a greater advantage for the fisherman, also he can travel much more distance in fishing action, covering a large área distance during a journey.

The big predators swin alngside the great inderwater currents so as not to consume a lot of energy in their long trips and up to the surfac toe at animated by the bustle of the ship’s engine. As a general rule fishing áreas are closet o the veriles of 1000 or 2000 metres deep.

Deep sea fishing guarantees serious and unforgettable combats A battle against a good tuna or a large Mediterranean Marlin is an adventure worth telling our grandchildren.

It is very imortant that the capture and release of this fishing modality be promoted and popularized, as it tis synonymous with the guarantee of continuity of this sport.


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