Coastal Fishing


Fishing is one of the objectives of tourism that comes to our islands. We offer the best sport fishing excursions on the coast and deep water in the north of Mallorca, you can choose any of the fishing methods: Bottom or Deep Bottom, Trolling, Brumeo, Jigging, etc…

All with the best equipment, both human and technical, so you just have to ge ton board and enjoy an excellent day of fishing.

The price include: fishing equipment, license, soft drinks, snacks and fuel.


This type of fishing is focused in a responsible and sustainable way, returning the catches to the sea, producing the least possible damage and enjoying a magnificent day of fishing.
It is the fishing modality when the fisherman is in a moving boat and with 6-8 knots he catches fish.
With this method you can fish along the coast or at sea. At a great distance from the coast, the probability of catching a larger fish is greater. The bait that is used is artificial. During trolling the bait moves above the surface of the water synchronizing with the movement of the boat. With a lead we can increase the depth.
One of the species that we can capture is the llampuga, which is a fish of great tradition on the island of Mallorca, whose term in Spanish is golden. The llampuga arrives after the summer, with the time of greater storms, normally begins in the month of September until the end of November. Live at shallow depths and look for shadow spots in the sea, according to experts to favor social relationships. Being a seasonal fish, it is highly coveted in Mallorcan cuisine, which sums up the traditional fishing arts very well.

Other varieties that we can fish, is mackerel, pompano, dentol, little tunny, albacore, tuna, etc.

Bottom fishing

This type of fishing consists of fishing with the boat stopped, a rod and wait for the fish. It can be fished with a live or artificial bait, it can be kept in the bottom with a lead. With coastal bottom fishing, we can catch gilthead seabream, grouper, pagel, dentex, sea bass, etc.


This type of fishing is done offshore from a standing ship. The bait is a lead that is released to the bottom, once it has reached the bottom, the fisherman begins to pick up thread with upward movements inciting predatory fish to rise to the surface. With this type of fishing, being so active, boredom is difficult.
The lemon fish, the little tunny, the llampuga, the sargo … are in the varieties that we can capture with this modality.


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